Nathan Sykes Previews a new version of “Over And Over Again” featuring his ex Ariana Grande – Watch two new snippets!

This was probably the kind of move that no one expected.

Nathan Sykes, former The Wanted star, surprised his fans when he announced that he will be releasing a new version of his latest single “Over and Over Again”. The single was originally released back in October in the UK. The new version, which will be released tomorrow, will be featuring Nathan’s Ex Ariana Grande.

This news was broken on Twitter by Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes at the same time. The followed the announcement with two different previews. This clever strategy might just work wonders for Nathan and Ariana. Let’s wait for tomorrow to see how fans respond to the track once released.

“Over and Over Again” will be included in Nathan’s upcoming debut album, or at least that’s what the original plan was. Now Nathan has two single out and he is yet to announce a release date for his album. It’s obviously delayed and probably Nathan will finally announce release date with the release of new version of “Over and Over Again”. But to be sure, we will have to wait until tomorrow. Check out the previews below.

Preview 1: Posted by Ariana

Preview 2: Posted by Nathan Sykes


Post Author: David Watt