Music Video Review: “Till It Happens To You” by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s super emotional ballad “Till It Happens To You” finally gets a music video. Lady Gaga wrote this ballad because of the shocking rape rate in the colleges across the US.

This was highlighted in an eye-opening documentary “The Hunting Ground”, released in early 2015. Lady Gaga was so moved by the documentary that she wrote a song with Diane Warren and added super emotional vocals to make it very touchy ballad. The song was released a few months back but there was no music video. Now Lady Gaga has finally premiered the video.

The music video was a surprise to be honest as rarely a few expected Lady Gaga to release a music video for the emotional anthem. It’s not that people didn’t want to watch a video for the song but they had already seen enough in the documentary where students had told their stories. However, Lady Gaga has taken a step forward to show the glimpses of what happens in many college campuses every day. That’s the reason YouTube had to put a warning for viewers.

Lady Gaga has announced that all the proceeds from the music video will be donated to help survivors of sexual assault.

Watch Music Video “Till It Happens To You” by Lady Gaga

Post Author: David Watt