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Music Video Review: “Stop Me From Falling” by Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue has premiered the official music video for her new song “Stop Me From Falling”. This is yet another song from the Australian singer’s Golden era and it’s yet another song that has surprised us all. I don’t know whether Kylie has planned to surprise us with her genre choices or she is just doing these experiments because she ‘wants’ to do so.

“Stop Me From Falling” isn’t just a regular country-pop song but this time Kylie has actually experimented with Latin music. This remixed version is a blend of two genres, which although sounds strange, comes out as a brilliant mix. It’s great on ears and I feel like it’s mainly the contribution of the Cuban duo who brought new energy to this track.

The music video for this remixed track is directed by Sophie Muller. The video gives us the very best of Kylie. We see her on a date, which seems like a rather boring affair. She is about to end the date when she sees another man and she looks interested all of a sudden. You will also see Kylie on a beach in Cuba and in a street that’s probably Havana. You will enjoy some amazing choreography when the 49-year old blond bombshell shows the moves. It’s an incredible music video, which is clearly one of my favorites from the Australian queen. Watch the video below.

Watch “Stop Me From Falling” by Kylie Minogue

Post Author: David Watt