Music video review: “Moments” by Tove Lo

Tove Lo isn’t afraid of controversy and that’s what the Swedish diva is about to do in this music video. “Moments” takes the shock value to the next level, slowly building it up with her previous music videos. She talked about doing drugs and attending sex clubs in “Habits” and then showed us how to strip naked in “Timebomb” music video. She staged an orgy in “Talking Body” and now she is going to murder a person in the church in her latest “Moments” music video.

“Moments” is the third official single from Swedish diva’s upcoming debut LP. The album will be titled “Queen of the Clouds”. Chances are good that the 27 year old singer will enjoy being viral with her “Moments” video.

“Moments” music video is directed by Tim Erem. The music video starts with Tove Lo making chaos in a market where she gets drunk and then starts drinking everything that’s there with alcohol in it. She wants to finish alcohol but she can’t and falls to the floor getting unconscious. As she loses her senses, she dreams of a wedding in a church. This is her own wedding and for some reason she isn’t planning to get married at all. Instead, she shoots her husband-to-be. Surprisingly, when she wakes up, the police is there to arrest her for the crime.  

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Post Author: David Watt