Music Video Review: “Make Me Cry” By Noah Cyrus Feat Labrinth

It’s not long when the Miley Cyrus little sister Noah Cyrus premiered her debut single “Make Me Cry” and now she has made a music video for it. The music video is released via VEVO today on November 22nd, 2016.

Sophie Muller direction shows Noah Cyrus in a bedroom with her man. On the other hand, you will Labrinth with his girl in the same bedroom. The video is a low-budgeted and it shot in one bedroom that is not completely furnished. The walls are still not painted; giving a look of a middle-class family house. Lovers of both Labrinth and Noah are sleeping in the bed while they serve pain on couch and floor. They really are craving for the love and affection of their lovers. It’s sad and wonderful at the same time.

Sophie Muller really loved the lyrics that she agreed to make a music video for it. She did say, “As soon as I heard the song I wanted to do it. I loved her voice on it and thought it was so arresting and brave sounding.” 

It’s a wonderful start for Noah as a music artist. Let’s see where she stands in coming days. Personally, I liked her voice more than Miley Cyrus. And with this video, you have made me your fan. Surprise us with something more appealing and catchy next time. 🙂

Watch: “Make Me Cry” By Noah Cyrus Featuring Labrinth

Post Author: David Watt