Music Video Review: “In The Night” by The Weeknd

The Weeknd has released a new official video for Max Martin-produced single “In The Night”. The single is from singer’s latest studio album “Beauty Behind The Madness”. The MV is directed by BRTHR and produced by Sara Greco. The video was released through VEVO and MTV at the same time.

The music video for “In The Night” tests the boundaries of symbolism. It’s very cinematic and chances are good that you won’t understand what’s going on in the video due to deep symbolism. There are colors, symbols and females explaining what the video means but still most of you won’t understand anything about it. Now call that ‘stretching the limits of imagination and symbolism’ or call it ‘plain stupid’ to come up with a video that majority of fans won’t be able to connect with.

According to some fans, the music video is about being in the realm where someone is forced to realize the conflict between emotions. Considering we live in a male-dominated society, the video can be interpreted on a bigger scale as well. There is revenge, conflict and ultimately love that conquers it all. The use of red color is definitely symbolic and it suggests meaning of the song. There are Asians in the video, leaving fans guessing whether The Weekend intended to include Asians specifically to indicate male-dominated society. Only The Weekend can explain what meaning truly lies under the cinematic visual but at least we’ve guessed some of it – let’s see if you can make up a theory of your own about this new video. I’m sure you’d love to share it.

Watch “In The Night” by The Weeknd

Post Author: David Watt