Music Video Review: “Back To Sleep” by Chris Brown

Chris Brown has released a music video for his single “Back to Sleep” from his yet-to-be-released album titled “Royalty”. The album will make it to the stores on December 18th.

The single “Back to Sleep” is an R&B jam that had a different title “F**ck You Back To Sleep” but Chris had to take out the ‘f’ work to put the track in the final album track listing. Now the track titled “Back to Sleep” has new visuals that you can view after this review.

The music video for “Back to Sleep” continues from where “Fine By Me” ended. The visual for Chris’ new music video start from a scene where the Breezy Boy is finally escaping from the facility where he was detained and had to fight for his life in the music video “Fine By Me”, released last month via VEVO. This new music video is also released via VEVO and can be streamed now.

As soon as Chris leaves this secret facility from “Fine By Me”, he locates a phone and calls his girlfriend and asks her permission to visit her place. As soon as Chris’ girl says YES, he is running to her house. As he reaches the house, both make out in the kitchen without wasting any more time. After all, they were separated for long. They move to the bedroom and then to the shower, continuing to make out. The music video is really hot and kind of erotic but there is nothing else beyond that. Watch the music video below.

Watch “Back to Sleep” by Chris Brown

Post Author: David Watt