Music Video Review: “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers Feat Phoebe Ryan

The Chainsmokers released the music video for “All We Know” on November 17th, 2016 starring Jocelin Albor and Casey Deidrick. They released the official audio on September 29th, 2016.

Rory Kramer directed music video shows Casey manhandling his wife Jacelin Albor and running out of the house over some serious issue between them. The model Casey will be found drinking in the different scenes and traveling in cabs. That’s too much you’re drinking mate! Somewhere during the end of the video, you will see the couple patch-up after finding each other on an artificial set look-alike of mountainous terrain.

The GTA style shooting of the video was a good idea to cover up the artificial set they used somewhere after the mid. It was certainly a low-budgeted music video. They could have shot the whole scene on an actual mountain so it might look more real and captivating. The Chainsmoker is after all one of the popular band in the United States, and considering that, the budget wasn’t enough to put a better impression. Anyway, let me put my critiquing self on a side. Overall, the director made a real good effort to get the best out of the budget.

You guys can do a lot better than this, The Chainsmokers! Give us some quality music video next time.

Watch: “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers

Post Author: David Watt