Music Video Review: “Brown Sugar” by Ray J

Ray J has recently released his new music video for “Brown Sugar”, a Lil Wayne-assisted track. The music single was released last month but with the success that Ray J is already enjoying with the track, there wasn’t any doubt that music video will be out soon. The track is produced by Detail.

The official music video for “Brown Sugar” was shot in Los Angeles. All the shooting was carried out during May. Ray J and Lil Wayne must have enjoyed shooting the video due to beautiful weather and a wonderful location for shooting a music video.

Ray, who is leading the video, wears a safari hat throughout the video. When the music video is about to end, we notice him showing off his Apple Watch as well. As it looks from the successful release of the audio track and now the music video, Ray is going to get somewhere near top in charts with his new track.

You can watch this latest music video from Ray J below. Make sure you leave comments and tell us what you think about this new video and whether you believe or not that Ray J will eventually have a chart topper in “Brown Sugar”.

Watch Music Video “Brown Sugar” by Ray J – Official Music Video

Post Author: David Watt