Music Video: “I Found A Girl” by The Vamps

The Vamps have premiered the official music video for “I Found A Girl”. The music video was released through VEVO on April 1. The single “I Found A Girl” is the second single from band’s latest album titled “Wake Up”. This album came out last year and didn’t do well on the charts.

A lot of people are not sure why The Vamps and their record label have released a music video from an album that’s already dead. Although this is something good for The Vamps, not sure what their label has in mind. No one is waiting for new singles from this album.

“I Found A Girl” is produced by Steve Mac. The song is about a musicians fall in love with wrong girls all the time. These girls are perfect for other girls who have lesbian tendencies but not for male band members. The music video shows exactly that. Brad Simpson, a band member, gets involved with girls. These girls are the wrong girls in a way that they are kind of lesbian and they aren’t meant for boys. Although things get a little bad, it all becomes good in the end as the band rocks audience in a sold-out show.

There is also a non-band singer showing his talents in song. This guy is actually OMI who is doing a guest appearance on this song. You can watch the music video below and see if you like it.

Watch “I Found A Girl” by The Vamps

Post Author: David Watt