Music Video: “Dead Inside” by Muse

“Dead Inside” by Muse, produced by Robert John, is the lead single from English rock band’s upcoming seventh album. The album will be titled “Drones” and it will hit the stores on June 8. The band has also released a music video for “Dead Inside” recently, which will help them promote their track and get some momentum going for the album.

The music video shows Muse’s frontman Matthew Bellamy getting angry over a girl who is his lover. The girl loves him and is nice on the outside but she isn’t the same inside. She is actually ‘dead inside’ and is hurting his feelings. Matthew realizes this and starts slamming the girl.

The music video for “Dead Inside” is directed by Robert Hales. You will see two dancers in the video who are really good at what they are doing. Then there is a man and a women and they kind of have black eyes which looks weird. In fact, you are probably going to think about these people as aliens, especially considering that they are doing everything inside a dark dome. The floor is white but everything else is black. Even if the video sounds somewhat alien, it sits perfectly with the track and delivers the ‘dead inside’ theme nicely.

Watch Music Video “Dead Inside” by Muse

Post Author: David Watt