Music Review: Ray J and Chris Brown released their “Famous” Track

After watching the naked wax figure of Kanye West in his music video for “Famous”, Ray J probably got pissed and wanted to give a really harsh response.

The R&B singer Ray J recorded a song “Famous” in collaboration with his old-time pal Chris Brown. The track is about slamming and dissing Kim Kardashian (Who was once his girlfriend before marrying Kanye West).  “She f****ed me for fame, look in her eye,  She was the first to sign on the line, she was the real one to plan it all out, look at the family, they walk around proud, all because she had my D*** in her mouth” raps the Ray J.  Isn’t he being real rude and mean?

Also, you will hear Chris brown brag about the fame and power, and how he can make girls so popular with a one-night stand. “I got too much hard for this bitch too, Damn Right! I know that you cry when you goin’ to sleep every damn night, damn lights and I ain’t gon’ practice, I fuck around and make another one famous” sings Chris Brown.

Both Chris Brown and Ray J are being sexist and it’s so common among the niggas. They brag about their money and how they use it to manipulate girls. However, this track of Ray J is going to get a little popular.

Listen: “Famous” By Ray J Feat Chris Brown

Post Author: David Watt