Muse fan starts petition for a special 20th anniversary homecoming gig

A Muse fan has created a petition requesting the band play a special small gig to mark their 20th anniversary either in their hometown of Teignmouth, Devon or in London.

Karen Green, of Brighton, added the petition to with the aim to get 1,000 signatures. I’ll let Karen explain the reason behind setting it up:

The fans would love to see Muse celebrate their 20th anniversary in style for 1 night only in the UK. Whether that be in their hometown of Teignmouth or a small venue in London. It’s not every day a band can celebrate their 20 years together and while they are about to start recording their 7th album, it would be fun for both the Muse boys and their fans to play at a venue with no expensive productions involved.

The petition has so far attracted 841 supporters, to join in and sign up head to here: As someone who was lucky enough to see Muse way back in the day before Showbiz came out, I can attest that seeing them in a small venue is amazing. Well, it was in 1999 at Leicester’s Princess Charlotte anyway!

As reported this week, Muse revealed at Coachella last weekend that they’re planning to start recording their seventh studio album in May – and hope to release it later this year if possible. Watch their interview below:

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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