Miley Cryrus is working on a song for Christmas – Surprisingly it’s a sad song

“This is my sad Christmas song”. This is the caption under Miley Cyrus’ preview of her latest song on Instagram. Now the release of a Miley’s Christmas song is imminent but we  know that the schedule is already getting tight for the singer and she is left with only a day to release the song before it becomes ‘post’ Christmas song.

The surprise, as it is always with Miley, is that this isn’t a routine happy Christmas ballad. In fact, it’s a sad song, probably the first ‘sad’ ballad that you’d get for a Christmas. This is Miley and she will continue surprising her – something her fans love her for.

The short video that Miley put on Instagram shows her singing two lines from the song “This is my sad Christmas song / I’ve had it in my head all day long”. The acoustic version doesn’t sound like anything amazing so far but we know Miley will do something crazy with it once it comes out. Maybe, if her fans are lucky enough, they will get a crazy Christmas video for it as well. Let’s keep the fingers crossed and see if Miley has something big up her sleeves. Only time will tell.


Post Author: David Watt