MIA has revealed the very colourful artwork for her new album ‘Matangi’

The world wouldn’t seem right if there wasn’t a swirl of drama surrounding MIA. First there were the revelations that her record label had rejected her new album Matangi and sent her back to the studio to add a bit more attitude to it.

More recently the singer has become embroiled in a legal war with the NFL, who are apparently suing her for flipping the bird at last year’s SuperBowl half-time show (you couldn’t make it up!) – to which she has responded with a typically thorough and damning statement accusing the NFL of ‘corporate dick-shaking’ amongst other things.

As well as all this, MIA has today revealed the vivid artwork for Matangi (above) which carries on the migraine-inducing visual theme present in the releases from the album so far. She revealed it on Instagram and followed it up with a post on Tumblr showing more images, which are presumably for the album’s inner sleeve or back cover.

Matangi is slated for release on 5 November, listen to ‘Come Walk With Me‘ – the latest track to be taken from it – below:

A tracklist for Matangi has also just hit the internet:

Only 1 U
Come Walk With Me
Bad Girls
Boom Skit
Double Bubble Trouble
Bring The Noize
Know It Ain’t Right

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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