Meghan Trainor Talks About Her Single “No”

Meghan Trainor has already won a Grammy and she isn’t holding back. As of now, her last LP “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” is still sitting in top 30 and she is talking about her new sophomore effort. She has even announced the release date for her new single titled “No”. The single will be premiered on Friday, 4th March.

With Meghan surging ahead, it is clear that the Grammy-winning newcomer isn’t ready to sit back and enjoy her success. Instead, she wants to keep going and that’s the right attitude. With her new single coming out this week, fans have high expectations and she is definitely not going to disappoint.

Meghan was arguably the best among the newcomers in 2015. Her debut LP included four massive hits and ended up selling platinum, which is a major achievement for any newcomer in this industry. Apart from delivering a perfect debut LP, she has also collaborated with Charlie Puth for a UK No. 1 hit and has also done a movie soundtrack this year. It looks as if we’re going to be entertained by the 22-year old singer for years to come.


Post Author: David Watt