Marina and the Diamonds and Clean Bandit debut new song “Disconnect” on Coachella 2015

Coachella 2015 has already showcased some of the best performances of the year. This weekend was a special one as Marina and the Diamonds joined by Clean Bandit performed a new track on stage and took the audience by surprise with their powerful live performance. They performed new track titled “Disconnect”. The track was written jointly by Marina and the Diamonds and Clean Bandit.

The fusion of Clean Bandit and Marina and the Diamonds was surprisingly fresh and authentic. Clean Bandit’s electric guitars and thumping base sounded much like disco from ’90s while Marina and the Diamonds delivered one of her best live performance. She sings about how she would shut her phone down instead of looking at its glowing screen and how she would cut the relationships instead of rekindling them. She simply prefers ‘disconnecting’ but still she is afraid of being left alone. She goes on to say that although her battery is running low and she will be soon disconnected from everyone, but she still fears to be alone.

Marina and the Diamonds has been looking at this particular collaboration for long now. Back in March she said that she enjoyed collaborations that she did in the past and would definitely consider a lot more experiments in the near future. She then believed that working with another artist is tricky and can be very frustrating at times but it could also lead to awesomeness. We hope that working with Clean Bandit was a different experience – the one that convinced her that collaborations are fun stuff especially after watching her nail the performance.

Watch Marina and the Diamonds and Clean Bandit perform “Disconnect” live at Coachella 2015

Post Author: David Watt