Taylor Swift is planning to start her own music label

Taylor Swift has historically had her issues with record labels and so is the case with many other artists. She fought labels, even went to limits by banning Spotify to play any of her music and made Apple Music give her the kind of streaming she wanted. She’s been fighting on the front and that’s one big thing. Other artists have learned a lot from her as they have also started asking labels for more.

But for Taylor, this isn’t the end of it. She wasn’t just planning to fight the labels to get more money but she was probably thinking of the big picture – A label of her own. Or, at least that’s what the rumor mill wants us to think now.

If that turns out to be true, it’s going to be one big news for this year. I’m sure Taylor would have thought about it a lot of times already and she’d really go ahead and start her own label if it was easy and came without trouble. If she does start the service, it’s probably going to be named Swifties.

According to TMZ, Taylor Swift has already filed documents to gain the right to add media on a website. The media will be non-downloadable and in form of recordings. That sounds pretty much like the making of a streaming service. Isn’t it the kind of license you’d want for a streaming service?

Post Author: David Watt