Madonna Could Face Ban From Performing in Philippines

Madonna recently performed in Philippines but she was spotted ridiculing the country’s flag during her performance, something that didn’t go unnoticed as the authorities decided to propose a ban on her concert in the country.

The pop queen was performing in Manila on two sold-out shows in the last week as a part of her Rebel Heart Tour. While performing, she got a little emotional and wrapped country’s flag around her body. She continued performing like that and couldn’t avoid the flag from hitting the ground. This was enough to enrage the conservative authorities. The law of the country doesn’t allow the flag to be worn or touch the ground.

As a result of this incident, Madonna may not be able to return to the country, whether to perform or to visit. The controversy spurred after Singapore Archbishop William Goh went public to oppose Madonna, labeling her music as blasphemous and blaming her for using religious symbols and props during her performances.

Madonna has been creating quite a lot of controversy during the last few weeks. When she was performing in China, she pulled a fan from the audience and made him take part in an on-stage sexual simulation. However, the man, who turned out to be a famous Cantonese singer, refused to simulate licking a banana on stage because his daughter was watching.

The queen of pop can’t probably stay out of limelight for long. When she’s not getting any news associated to her, she is quick to create her own news. We’re sure she will send plenty of news our way while on tour.

Post Author: David Watt