LSD : Song “Thunderclouds”, Making This Summer Great!

The Pop trio Diplo, Labrinth and Sia have premiered a new song titled “Thunderclouds”. The song is a part of their upcoming debut album which they are releasing later this year. It is their third song together as they have just teamed up to produce a powerful music band.
Before the release of “Thundercloud” they have already dropped two of their songs “Genius” and “Audio” on the digital platforms but unfortunately, these songs have not given them something to cheer about. None of LSD’s yet released track has gained much popularity, which means no attraction of any radio, iTunes and Hot 100.
Considering that their previous releases have not been on the charts they have come with something different this time. They have produced a romantic tune with vocals by the Sia and the Labrinth. Imagine the soft vocals produced by Sia and Labrinth, when they are singing lyrics like,” You are saying those words like you hate me now. Our house is burning when you are raising hell”.
LSD has premiered this lovely song which is to tell their fans that don’t be afraid of the Thunderclouds. I hope that this beautiful summer-anthem like song will get them something on the Billboard.

Listen to LSD’s New Song “Thunderclouds”

Post Author: David Watt