Lorde Shares A Snippet Of “I Just Want Your Love” – New Song

Lorde has shared a snippet of a new song titled “I Just Want Your Love”. This new song indicates that Lorde is probably working on re-release of “Melodrama”. Could that be true?

Before we talk about her re-releasing the album, let’s discuss the new song. She gave us a 20-sec long snippet. She sings the chorus of her new unheard song. In this snippet, you will hear her singing “I just want your love, I just want your heart”. It sounds really cute and I feel like it’s going to turn out to be another hit from the New Zealand-born singer.

The way she asks for being loved, it sounds a bit of desperate. She also tweeted “will you love me? will you?”. That again sounds desperate and clearly tells us about the tone of this new Lorde song.

Giving us brand new music from Lorde so soon seems a bit odd. I feel like Lorde is up to something and she’s not planning to reveal it just yet. Maybe she wants to tease her fans and make them guess what she’s cooking up while she finalizes her plans. I believe we will know in a week or so. Until then, I strongly feel that she is about to re-release “Melodrama” with a few additional songs – the extended version. That could be the only thing she must be thinking about right now. Anyway, we will know soon. Lorde will definitely let her fans know as soon as she is ready. For now, enjoy this short snippet of “I Just Want Your Love”.

Listen to “I Just Want Your Love” by Lorde – SNIPPET


Post Author: David Watt