Listen “Too Much To Ask” by Nail Horan – Review + Full Studio Version

It’s a big day!

If you are one of those million fans who has been waiting for the studio version of Nail Horan’s third single “Too Much To Ask” from his upcoming solo album “Flicker”, your happy day is today. The English singer released the official studio version of “Too Much To Ask” today and it’s already with the radios. You’re going to hear it all over the radio soon.

The album will come out via Capitol Records in October. It’s not a long wait considering Nail is already in the mood to continue releasing singles until it’s time for the album.

If you can’t hold your nerves and want to skip the review, scroll down and hit PLAY to listen to “Too Much To Ask” by Nail Horan.  

It’s not a surprise song. We already knew about it since Nail gave a live performance of this pop ballad a few weeks ago during the Flicker Session 2017 tour. We loved it then, we love it now even more with digitally mastered version.

If you have heard it live during the 2017 hour, you know this song meets the soul, thanks to Nail Horan’s touching vocals. When he sings “Tell me there are things that you regret”, you really feel the emotion. It gives you chill.

Wondering what the song is about?

The song is about Nail Horan who is struggling with a troubling relationship. It’s almost over but he wants some answers. He doesn’t think it’s over and it seems like his last attempt at sorting things out between him and his partner.

It’s a great song – the one you don’t want to miss. I’ve already put “Too Much To Ask” on repeat and I’m sure a lot of you are going to do the same. Give it a listen below. It’s gonna stick with you for long.

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Post Author: David Watt