Listen to Two Songs by Charlie XCX – “No Angel” and “Focus”

If you are waiting for a good track, here are two of them from Charlie XCX. She is really upping her game this year and here she is with two brand new singles titled “Focus” and “No Angel”. Both the tracks appeared on digital platforms earlier today.

This year, Charlie XCX is on fire. But I don’t know what she is really doing with these randomly released singles. I don’t know what’s on her mind. Maybe she is planning an EP or a full album? At some stage, she will have to tell her fans about her plans. These singles are so good that I don’t expect her to tag them as ‘buzz’ singles. They have to have a future.

The first track that Charlie released is titled “No Angel”. Charlie talks about being naughty and still being good. Basically, she wants to say it’s OK if you want to have fun in life. That’s a great track with a great message and I totally feel it will be a hit. The second track “Focus” is about relationship. Charlie puts down conditions for her boy to be with her. Stream both the tracks below.

Listen to “New Angel” by Charlie XCX

Listen to “Focus” by Charlie XCX

Post Author: David Watt