Listen to the Song For Tarzan Movie – “Better Love” by Hozier – [MV Included]

Hozier has released a new song titled “Better Love”. This song is recorded for the upcoming Tarzan movie. The movie will be in theaters on 1st July. The song was released last night on VEVO so you can stream it as many times as many you want. Since it’s new music from Hozier, chances are that you’d want to put on repeat.

Hozier wrote this new Tarzan movie song. He also produced it for the movie. This new Tarzan film will be titled “The Legend of Tarzan. You can listen to the song and watch music video after the review. It’s great song and I’m sure you don’t want to miss it. You can also purchase the song starting from today.

The song “Better Love” has a huge indie-rock sound but there are some soul elements in there that you will recognize instantly. After all, Hozier can’t seem to make a song without adding some soul elements and that’s what makes his music so memorable and catchy.

Although when Hozier previewed a snippet of his song, most of his fans were expecting him to make some compromises since he was now entering commercial film territory.¬†Fans were ready to accept Hozier¬†no matter what he compromises in this new song. However, Hozier have stood strong and hasn’t made any compromises, giving us one of the best film songs this year. It seems as if the song came from the heart. You can listen to “Better Love” by Hozier and watch music video below.

Watch Music Video “Better Love” by Hozier

Post Author: David Watt