Listen to short snippet of “Feels So Good” by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has given us a short snippet of her upcoming song “Feels So Good”. This new song will serve as the soundtrack for the upcoming Melissa McCarthy movie “Life of the Party”. Christina will also be making an appearance in the movie so it seems like a special project for our favorite singer. You can listen to the snippet of this new song and watch the trailer for the movie below after a quick review of “Feels So Good”.

The snippet is only 20-seconds long. Now that’s really short considering we always want to listen to Christina’s music. Now that we have got some new music, we have been given only 20 seconds. Totally unfair. Can’t wait for the full song to come out. It’s definitely a hit or that’s what the 20-second long snippet is telling me. With these 20-seconds of new music, we know one thing for sure that Christina has a bop in her hands. If she releases it the right way and follows it up with some live performances (we all know how good she is at that), nothing can stop this song from climbing the charts. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “Feel So Good” by Christina Aguilera [20-second long snippet]

Post Author: David Watt