Listen To Sabrina Carpenter’s Song, “Pushing 20”.

The American singer and songwriter, “Sabrina Carpenter” has shared a new song titled, “Pushing 20”. The song is included in the second part of 4th studio album called, “Singluar: Act II”. The first part of the album, “Singular: Act I” was released back in November 2018.

This new song was co-written by Sabrina Carpenter with “Paul Shelton” and “Oak” who produced the song as well.

Pushing 20 is a catchy anthem. I think Oak has killed it with such a groovy production and Sabrina has uttered magical vocals. And yes, the lyrics are so good. Look at the chorus, “Who ain’t on the same wave, yeah, on the same page. Tryna tell me what to be, yeah, tell me what to think. I’m pushing 20, got no time for others.

To me, this song is already a hit and is on repeat. WOW!

Listen to Sabrina Carpenter’s new song, “Pushing 20”:

Recently this year, Sabrina performed the song Pushing 20 in Orlando when she was on Singular Tour.

Post Author: David Watt