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Listen to “Rich Sex” by Nicki Minaj Featuring Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj has collaborated with Lil Wayne for her latest song “Rich Sex”. The song came out earlier this week as a surprise release for her fans as no one was expecting this track to land. And the collaboration with LilĀ  Wayne came from absolutely nowhere. Neither Nicki nor did Lil talk about it.

Despite the fact that Nicki latest single “Rich Sex” is a surprise release, I totally agree that she choose the absolutely perfect moment to release this song. It’s a hit without saying. Why? Because she released it along with the announcement of her tour with Future. She knew everyone was going to love the news and feel good about it. How about throw in a song titled “Rich Sex”? Sounds like a perfect landing for me. It’s destined to work for her.

The new track “Rich Sex” is a cool urban song with an powerful beat. You are definitely going to notice it as producer J. Reid and Aubry Delaine gave ensured that the production has the special Nicki Minaj effect while keeping the song ‘cool’.

In the song, Nicki, as you could easily guess, talks about her boy making a lot of money. When he makes that kind of crazy money, they can have ‘rich’ sex. That’s what she wants and that’s what she raps about in this track. If you like it, keep you fingers crossed for Nicki’s upcoming album Queen. Give this latest taste of this album a listen below.

Listen to “Rich Sex” by Nicki Minaj

Post Author: David Watt