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Listen to “Sola” by Becky G

Becky G has surprised her fans with a new single titled “Sola”. Beware, it’s a Spanish song but it’s a damn good one. Give it a listen after the review.

Becky G didn’t announce anything about this new single. She didn’t even talk on social media about doing a Spanish language single. But things have been quite surprising about Becky G recently. She hasn’t even talked anything about her new album either. It’s been long now and still she hasn’t debuted her album. Anyway, she’s continuing releasing new music.

The title of this new single “Sola” means ‘alone’ in English. So definitely Becky is talking about being lonely here. This electro-LatinĀ anthem has a unique sexy flavor to it.

Becky is talking about herself being lonely and why that’s her choice. She was with a boy but she soon got over it. Now that she’s already experienced a relationship with a boy, she makes her choice to be alone. Probably the boy didn’t treat her that good so she decided to be alone or maybe there was some other bad experience that made her do that. Whatever the reason, she has now decided to be like that, Sola, for rest of her life. Listen to this new music below.

Listen to “Sola” by Becky G

Post Author: David Watt