Listen to New Single “Savior” by Iggy Azalea

After teasing her new single, Iggy Azalea premiered her new single “Saviour” on Friday as she promised. This new single features Migos rapper Quavo. You can stream the song on YouTube where Iggy has posted the lyric video for “Saviour”.

Will Iggy be able to make a strong comeback with this song after her failed attempts with “Switch” and “Mo Bounce”? I think she’s has got this right. It sounds catchy and it has that ‘big’ feel about it. Iggy is also ruthless in this song, which is a good thing considering she can’t afford another flop. On top of that, “Saviour” has a very catchy chorus – something that could help it get along on the radio.

Now Iggy has got things going in the right direction. Her new song is definitely catchy and she has already got it in the news when Tidal claimed that it was co-produced and co-written by Dr. Luke. Iggy, who got some instant backlash over working with the disgraced producer, decided to come out publically on social media and explain the truth. She claimed that the song doesn’t have any connection with Dr. Like and it’s produced by MHL and Cirkut. She seems to be right in this case as these producers have business agreements with Dr. Luke. Tidal removed Dr. Luke from song credits after Aussie rapper explained her truth.

“Savior” is a song that we all can relate to easily. Iggy wrote it at a time when she was lonely and couldn’t trust anyone. She wanted to go to someone and admit that she was hopeless but that never happened. A lot of us will relate to this song and that’s another plus that could work in Iggy’s favor. I’m sure she won’t have to share the fortune of her last two singles this time.

Watch “Saviour” by Iggy Azalea – Lyric Music Video


Post Author: David Watt