Listen to Single “Remember Me” by Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has made a comeback with a new single titled “Remember Me”. The song comes out when Hudson is already enjoying a lot of fame. She is currently serving as one of the coaches on “The Voice”. She made a really wise choice by releasing her comeback single at this time.

“Remember Me” is R&B track that opens with a slow tempo but doesn’t stay like that for long. A few verses into the song and the tempo goes up. I think we can safely tag it as a mid-tempo R&B-soul song. It’s probably the best music that Jennifer has done in a very long time.

This song is out now and you can get it on Spotify and iTunes. If you are on Twitter, I’m sure you have already listened to this song as Miss Hudson is spending all her time promoting the song on Twitter. However, she didn’t do any promotions and teasers before the song was released. I feel as if Jennifer Hudson released the song and then realized that it has huge potential so she took it to Twitter.

As of now, Jennifer Hudson is promoting this new single in the UK only. But she might take it to the US once she gets some success in the UK. I’m sure popular radios will pick the song up and help miss Hudson take the song to the US and then to a global audience. Time to listen to “Remember Me”.

Listen to “Remember Me” by Jennifer Hudson

Post Author: David Watt