Listen To “Okay” By Julia Michaels Featuring LANY

Julia Michaels has released a new song titled “Okay” – a collaboration with LANY and it’s as good as you’ve heard anything from her so far.

Julia Michaels sure knows how to collaborate and that’s the reason her title ‘the queen of collaborations.’ Even if you look at her recent collaborations this year so far, you’ll see quite a list of big names such as Selena Gomez and Niall Horan.

This time around, she’s teaming up with a 25-year old LA-based singer for an anthem that required someone a bit ‘vulnerable’ and I totally feel LANY fits the parameters.

The song is about splitting from someone when that other person doesn’t even know it. So it’s more like a one-sided split and the outcome is the person becomes a ‘sadistic.’ One person is happy while the other one is hurt but then tell herself that she’d be ‘ok.’ That’s what this song is about – it’s about telling yourself everything is going to be OK when it doesn’t seem that way apparently and you feel you’re the biggest sadist around. Things can still go the right way. Give it a listen below and I’m sure you’ll love what you hear. It’s a gem without a doubt.

Listen To “OKAY” By Julia Michaels Ft. LANY

Post Author: David Watt