Listen To “Backin’ It Up” by Pardison Fontaine Ft. Cardi B

Pardison Fontaine premiered a new song titled “Backin’ It Up” and it sounds like a massive hit already. But if you are wondering who is this guy Pardison Fontaine, then read below as I unveil the secret of the guy who is able to bring Cardi B in for his new song.

This guy Pardison Fontaine has some amazing talents, including songwriting and singing. He wrote Cardi’s hit song “Bodak Yellow”. Once Cardi had that song, she knew that Fontaine has something special about him so she went on to have all the songs for her album written by the same guy. Yes, he is really talented and Cardi knows friendship. For that reason, she is now returning the favor by featuring on Pardison’s song. I’m sure this will work out for him and he will have a big hit for his upcoming album.

This mega urban pop is a good production and I’m sure both Cardi and Pardison knew it before they decided to premiere the song. That’s the reason they worked out a music video for the track as well. The video features Cardi B. She looks incredibly beautiful and we know that’s enough to get the music video a few thousand views and the bump it needs to get going. We wish Pardison good luck. Listen to “Backin’ It Up” below and watch its music video.

Watch “Backin’ It Up” Music Video by Pardison Fontaine & Cardi B

Post Author: David Watt