Listen: Jagwar Ma release ridiculously good MssingNo remix of ‘Uncertainty’

If I gave out some kind of award for remix of the week, then this would probably win it for the next month at least.

I don’t normally feature remixes per se, as there’s so many of them flying about it would be a full-time job in itself trying to collate them all. I usually share/repost them on Soundcloud, so make sure you follow me there 🙂

The remix that bucks the trend and deserves a bit more coverage is the below piece of brilliance from elusive grime producer MssingNo – who has given Jagwar Ma’s ‘Uncertainty’ a spectral, emotive and majestic reworking.

Check it out:

The original ‘Uncertainty’ was one of the highlights of Aussie group Jagwar Ma’s standout debut album Howlin, and recently got its own atmospheric video:

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