Let’s Swim with Mac Miller’s Album ‘Swimming’ Listen All 13 Tracks Here!

Finally, Edwin Ortiz Mac Miller is here with new album “Swimming” It is a 13-track project and a proper follow-up just of his “The Divine Feminine”. For his fans, Miller shared three songs including “Small Worlds” at end of the May. After that, Miller dropped “What’s The Use?” featuring Snoop Dogg, Syd, and Thundercat. Mac has also premiered the visuals of “Self-Care”.

This spring when Ariana Grande left Mac Miller, he didn’t just lose a relationship, he lost a collaborator and muse. Everyone knows Mac’s struggles with addiction when Grande came with the statement that relationship with Mac Miller is “Toxic”. He has learned from the experiences, criticism, he just grew up regardless over the last 5 years he improved exceptionally well. He has done both the singing and rapping on “The Devine Feminine 2016”. Also watch Music Video: “My Favorite Part” by Mac Miller & Ariana Grande.

“Swimming” is Miller’s 5th album definitely has real sentiments with a 13-track journey of self-acceptance. You’ll find him never figured it out but still fine with that. You will love this album, it goes so deep, it’s beautiful and sad at the same time because we know who this song is about? but this is dope.

Let’s swim with Mac Miller’s “Swimming” with following 13 Tracks:


1. Come Back to Earth
2. Hurt Feelings
3. What’s the Use?
4. Perfecto
5. Self Care
6. Wings
7. Ladders
8. Small Worlds
9. Conversation, Pt. 1
10. Dunno
11. Jet Fuel
12. 2009
13. So It Goes

New Album “Swimming” by Mac Miller – Listen All Here!


Post Author: David Watt