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John Lennon’s Glasses : the Icon’s Birthday [Infographic]

Today – 9th October – let’s celebrate the birthday of John Lennon, a music legend and working class hero. pays tribute to John Lennon, to his music and to his iconic style.

Until 1966, John Lennon wore contact lenses. But during the filming of “How I won the War”, John Lennon’s character started wearing the ‘teashade” glasses that became iconic throughout the career and life of John Lennon. Take a look at one of the Beatle’s most iconic accessories – these teashade glasses, made famous by Gandhi before him, or Liam Gallagher in the 1990s.

Given the fame and popularity of John Lennon’s glasses, no wonder that we found this infographic about nine things you may not have known about the specs. A must-read for John Lennon’s Beatles fans.

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Post Author: Harvey Dyer