Listen: Chapel Club Single ‘Sleep Alone’ online…

Chapel Club have released the first single from their as-yet-untitled second album. Check out ‘Sleep Alone’ here and let me know what you think of it in the comments below:

As well as ‘Sleep Alone’, Chapel Club have also unveiled a few other tasters from the second album, although ‘Jenny Baby’, ‘Scared’ and ‘Good Together’ are only streaming for a limited time – so don’t be surprised if the above isn’t working if you’re reading this sometime in the future!

Speaking of the new album, Chapel Club singer Lewis Bowman said:

“These four songs (like the album entire) are pretty different from our old stuff, and we realise that may disappoint some of our fans. We didn’t aim to mess with anyone’s hopes or expectations, but we also knew we couldn’t keep doing this if we had to spend another 18 months writing and playing The Big Music. We formed and were signed so quickly that we never really talked about what kind of band we wanted to be. So while it was amazing that lots of people embraced the music, and while we knew it had its strengths, we also knew we wanted to approach the second record in a different spirit.”

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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