Lady Gaga on Jim Corden’s Carpool Karaoke

Carpool Karaoke’s first episode was aired in March 2015, and since then the show has filmed so many juggernauts like Justin Bieber and Sia.

The host, Jim Cordon has filmed another episode with none other than Lady Gaga. Yes, you won’t have ever seen Lady Gaga like this!

Lady Gaga made an appearance to promote her forthcoming album “Joanne”; wearing the same wide-brimmed hat as she did in her album.

Carpool Karaoke is a YouTube sensation and episode filming Sia has got over 120 million views so far.

“Had a Lil fun with @JKCorden Today!” Lady Gaga also posted on social media about how she felt being on the show.

At this point, so many music artists have made their appearances on the show to promote their albums or music.

Yet another stop for Lady Gaga to bounce the popularity of upcoming album “Joanne” as she did sing a couple of her tracks from the same album.

It shows Lady Gaga isn’t missing a single stop to promote her album as she goes on and on. Why not! She has put a lot of efforts and she should do anything possible to make it a superb hit!

Let’s see how much appraisal Lady Gaga gets in the early days of “Joanne” release. Best of luck Lady Gaga!

See Below the post of Lady Gaga on Instagram

Post Author: David Watt