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Single review: Lady GaGa – ‘G.U.Y.’

To steal a phrase from the world of television, this is probably the moment that Lady GaGa ‘jumps the shark’. There’s nothing wrong with ‘G.U.Y’ as a song – its mix of pop, electronic and catchy hooks are as insane and spot-on as she’s ever done – but it’s a cherry-picked selection of elements from her other songs so lacks the freshness that her previous hits have.

With a weird gender-bending lyrical structure that serves no purpose than to maybe pander to her happiness with controversy and subverting lyrics, and a video that comes across as a ‘Weird Al’ parody of her work, it’s not her best song.

Catchy, poppy and fun to listen to with a neat electronic undertone, but we’ve heard it all before.

Buy: G.U.Y. [Explicit]

Post Author: Philip Lickley

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    (2014-05-12 - 1:08 pm)

    She’s clearly showing who the illuminati is wanting to sacrifice next. Same as she did to warn her Lina Morgana was gonna be sacrificed. She can poke her eye, and go to hell, it’s not gonna happen! She’ll die before she touches someone like them.

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