Kitty will be taking help from Kickstarter for her debut album

The internet’s very own DIY rapper, singer, and writer Kitty has plans to release her debut album after releasing few mixtapes and EPs. This debut album will be a full-length album and it will be released once Kitty has raised enough money on Kickstarter. This is unique in so many ways. Kitty is a DIY internet-wave singer and now she is using the internet to raise money for her debut album. It can’t get any more DIY internet-wave.

The 22-year old is yet to sign a label and as it seems and she won’t be signing one as she is all set to raise $25,000 from Kickstarter in 30 days. If she succeeds with that, we can definitely listen to a lot of new music from this internet sensation.

She is going to do all the routine stuff like signing copies, adding exclusive bonus tracks and so on with her Kickstarter campaign. But that’s not it. For those contributing $250 and above, she will let them name a song whatever they want from the album. If you are looking to do what Kitty did and make a DIY internet-wave career, you are will have to contribute $300 and above. You will be with Kitty in five different sessions to learn music biz on the internet. But if you need some real help from Kitty, then contribute $1500 and Kitty will demo a song for you in exchange. For anyone contributing $2500 or above, Kitty will perform in the US where the contributor wants with a setlist of his choice.


Post Author: Asif Mumtaz