Kelly Clarkson Announces Her Eighth Studio Album And Releases Cover Art

Kelly Clarkson has given us a lot of reasons to feel excited this week. She has announced a new album which will be her eighth studio album. She also announced the title of this album “Meaning of Life”. I feel like Kelly is going to include some powerhouse songs on this album, as the name suggests.

Moreover, Kelly Clarkson has also announced the date of release for this album. It will come out on October 27 via Atlantic Records. It will mark a new era for Kelly who is doing her first album with Atlantic Records. She has left RCA and I’m sure this will prove a good omen for her.

Now that’s not all. Kelly has also given us the cover art for her upcoming album – another reason to feel excited. In the cover art, you will see Kelly screaming in joy. She is touching her head with her hand and gives the feeling that she is about to deliver a powerhouse song.

If you want more scoop on this album, I’m sure you will have Kelly appearing on some TV show, talking in detail about her album. For now, we know the release date, we have the cover art, and we know for sure that Kelly is going to release the lead single soon. It will be titled “Love So Soft”. I’m sure this lead single is already out at the time of writing this review since I’m yet to get to my morning music release news. If it’s out, you will have a full review here on All Noise plus I will find the full audio stream for you. So keep the fingers crossed.

Post Author: David Watt