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Katy Perry Previews Her New Song “Pendulum”

Katy Perry previewed her new song “Pendulum” via Instagram. She used Stories features of Instagram to share this song preview with friends and fans. The preview is only 10-second long but it provides a decent peak into her new music.

This new song “Pendulum” will be included on her upcoming album. This will be Katy’s fourth studio album. So far, there is no confirmed date of release so you will have to keep your fingers crossed  for this new album.

The song preview, which is only 10-seconds long, gives us almost the entire chorus. When you listen to this preview, you hear the world “Pendulum” a lot. It feels as if the Chorus has a lot of “Pendulum” in it. There is no production yet but we are sure it’s going to something really good as Katy has been keeping the production a secret from her fans.

It’s time Katy should announce the release date for her album. She should give some countdown singles so that fans could start pre-order. They are already waiting for it and without getting any special album treatment, they may lose hope and may not react to the album when it comes out if Katy fails to reveal the album date in the coming weeks.

Listen to Preview of “Pendulum” by Katy Perry

Post Author: David Watt