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Jojo’s New Sassy Song “F*ck Apologies” Feat Wiz Khalifa

JoJo, the pop diva has recently announced the release of her new album “Mad Love” due to be released on October 14th, 2016. We all know, she has been struggling over the past to get out of a lawsuit against the label she was signed with. It was probably the worst time of her life to not being able to release singles because of the lawsuit.

But, she managed to come out of it and now we’ll see JoJo back in action with her new album.

JoJo emerged as a top music artist since the release of her first hit “Leave (Get Out)” when she was just 13 years old.

“F*ck Apologies” is the lead single off her new album “Mad Love” and she has premiered it on YouTube and VEVO.

JoJo has finally stepped up her game with the release of “F*ck Apologies” as it’s a nice sassy track. The R&B and pop mix is exactly what you need this afternoon.

Featuring the top-notch rapper Wiz Khalifa, the song is irresistibly catchy and an unapologetic kiss-off anthem.

The music video shows the sassy side of JoJo without trying too hard as JoJo justified her character and singing.

Wiz Khalifa added some sweet verses; taking the song to the next level.

It’s a great video for you to watch! Try it out now!

Watch: Jojo “F*ck Apologies” Feat Wiz Khalifa


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