Johnny Gates Song, “Brooklyn Nights”. Stream:

The Rock Music Artist from Los Angeles, “Johnny Gates” has come up with another best song titled, “Brooklyn Nights”. He re-recorded this song with producer David. The song was originally released in 2015 when he released it as LA Rock Band Runaway Saints.

The new version of, “Brooklyn Nights” was premiered exclusively on Parade Magazine but now is available on digital platforms as johnny has now released it via SoundCloud. Moreover, Johnny himself wrote the song.

The American SInger is working on his new EP which is supposed to be released soon, We don’t know the dates yet! This new version will be included in the EP. He has already released two singles for the EP including, “Cliché” and “Wish I Knew You”.

I am loving this new solo version and i already have this on repeat. Johnny has just slayed it with his energetic vocals, this song is simply from another world!

Listen To Johnny Gates New Song, “Brooklyn Nights”:

The Lyrics have got a story behind them. Johnny Spilled the truth when he talked to the media he said, ” ’Brooklyn Nights’ is actually the first song that I wrote all by myself. It’s about a girl that I used to go to New York City with when I was younger… we would always stroll around Brooklyn together and dream up stories about our future, about us living together. We pictured it all happening, but it never did. And now, I can’t go back there without thinking about her. So I wrote this song about just that… Connecting a place to a person.”

Post Author: David Watt