Joey Graceffa Delivers a Music Video, “Kingdom”

The American actor and internet personality, “Joey Graceffa” has shared a new song titled, “Kingdom” along with the accompanying music video directed by, “Andrew Vallentine”.

Not just a new music video but Joey Graceffa has also announced the official releasing date for his upcoming EP of the same title as the song. The song Kingdom is the lead song for the EP.

The EP, “Kingdom” will be out on 14th of February, 2019. It is a project of of 5 songs. “I’ve poured my heart & soul into this project over the past two years, I’m so excited for you to experience this journey with me”. Joey told his fans via Instagram.

Back to the music video, it sees the American actor and singer in trouble. You will see him in a jungle, in the middle of a ocean, in a desert and in snowfall. Yeah, the video is just so unpredictable, one moment you will see him in one place, the next moment in the other.

Favorite scene? Well, It’s difficult to choose one but I love the part when in the jungle a wolf follows him, and the scene from the desert… WOW! that was extraordinary.

Watch the music video top Joey Graceffa’s new song, “Kingdom”:

Post Author: David Watt