Introducing new lo-fi indie rock band CopyClub

This post was written by Chris Bilko following the Bristol Beats Club’s interview with lo-fi, indie rock band CopyClub. The full interview, including tracks, is available to stream via the Bristol Beats Club website.

“He left her a note, then there was this mad rush to try and find him… but they all got there too late. It’s not a happy song. It’s just a homage… a day in the life sort of thing.”

It’s my turn to speak but I’ve got no idea what to say. What do you say when someone speaks so candidly about suicide? Seconds pass with nothing but silence. And then I utter just about the only thing I can manage.

“And on that note this is Hugo.”


I was talking to new Bristol band CopyClub and I’d just learnt that I know surprisingly little about them.

As had become customary ahead of our interviews, I’d been listening to their music on repeat over the past few days. I’d read just about every scrap of information I could find about them online. But in this case that wasn’t enough. I wasn’t prepared for what they’d just said.

I looked at our guests and I could tell they realised as much. Even now, when we should’ve be conversing, we simply sat in silence and allowed the harrowing track that was Hugo to wash over us.

“Sorry” I muttered, regaining myself and trying to bring a bit of light back into the situation. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

My interviewees smiled back. Even though they hadn’t done much of this before, they accepted my reaction. And yet they said surprisingly little as even more seconds passed and their track began to take on a new meaning. I knew that once the track came to a close either my co-host Damian or I would have to continue our conversation. I shot him a glance and realised he was thinking exactly the same thing.

I had no idea where to go from here so I wheeled back in my chair, indicating that it would in fact be Daim coming back in. He looked unamused.

The track ticked towards its climax. Daim drew breath and armed himself with something to say. The lo-fi indie music faded out and I sat poised, eagerly awaiting Daim’s next few words.

Post Author: Chris Bilko

Chris is an average chap who currently lives in Bristol and works as a copywriter. In his spare time he enjoys playing football, broadcasting for the Bristol Beats Club and talking about himself in the third person.