G-Eazy’s hottest music video for “Some King of Drug”

Rapper G-Eazy premiered the music video for his single “Some King of Drug” yesterday October 16th, 2016. His recent scandal of cocaine snorting and now he’s made a music video for “Some King of Drug.”

The audio track was released back in 2015 and it took him quite a long time to make a music video for it. According to Spotify, it’s the most streamed song of G-Eazy so far. What took him so long to release a music video? Maybe, he was struggling to come clean and get out of the scandal. We can’t think of any other specific reason.

Anyway, the music video is real hot one! You will see G-Eazy thinking of the girls he recently had a fling with. The gorgeous female models performed some sensual choreography; lying in the bath tub moving her hands around her body in a sexy way. You will G-Eazy kissing and making love with those girls in front of a dressing table and on bed. It turned me on! A perfect music video we needed this winters.

But, releasing a music video after a few months of allegedly doing coke would definitely become controversial. But, don’t confuse “Some Kind of Drug” with cocaine. He’s referring his girls to be a drug here. No cocaine snorting scenes. trust me!

Watch: “Some Kind of Drug” By G-Eazy

Post Author: David Watt