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Fifth Harmony Spanish version of its biggest Billboard hit “Worth It”

To the surprise of many, Epic Record has released a Spanish version of Fifth Harmony’s biggest hit so far “Worth It”. This version was kind of forced on iTunes as it wasn’t announced or even rumored prior to its release. Some insiders have even claimed that it actually took less than an hour for Epic to record this version – only Epic knows the truth though.

Although Fifth Harmony has some angry critics for this release, the label made the right choice no matter how you see it. This was just a rushed release but the strategy seems to be right. “Worth It” is the biggest hit that Fifth Harmony could manage so far. The Spanish market is a hit already and there are chances that those who like the Spanish version could eventually buy the original version. But Fifth Harmony clearly rushed it. The lyrics aren’t good at all. The melody often sounds out of sync with lyrics and there are so many other things for a critic to note.

Another problem with this version is that there is no Lauren in this version to the disappointment of many fans. She is the only member who speaks Spanish and still she is missing. Instead, there is Kid Ink doing his English verses in this Spanish version.

Listen to Dame Esta Noche – Spanish version of “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony [YouTube Audio]

Post Author: David Watt