Watch Fifth Harmony Perform “Down” on TV

Fifth Harmony released their new song “Down” yesterday and today they have taken it to TV to deliver the first performance of this new song. It looks as if 5H is determined to make this new single a major hit. With the kind of TV performance the band has delivered in Good Morning America (GMA), it’s obvious that they are taking this new song very seriously. After all, it’s their first song after Camila Cabello left the band. It has to get some special treatment.

The band didn’t just perform “Down” but they also delivered a jaw-dropping performance of “Work From Home” and “Worth It”. The band performed these songs at Central Park in New York City. They had a huge crowd to entertain – and that’s exactly what they did, especially with the performance of their new song “Down”.

5H’s label Epic Records ensured that the TV performance would collide with the global release of “Down”. This will definitely give a boost to the song and give it the extra push it might need a lot of fans showed their disappointment with “Work From Home”.

You can watch these performances below.

Watch Fifth Harmony Perform “Down”, “Work From Home” and “Worth It” at Central Park NYC

Post Author: David Watt