Dominican music

Discovering The Unique Dominican Music Now

I love to share my musical discoveries through my blog. It’s a way for me to open new horizons up and to get feedback from you. Today, let’s go to the Dominican Republic and meet the sounds and instruments that make up the diversity of Dominican music. Influenced by their African, Spanish, and European colleagues, musicians from the Dominican Republic have created two unique musical genres – merengue and bachata – and made them popular worldwide. If you have the chance to spend some time in one of the best Dominican Republic Punta Cana resorts, this is the kind of music you would enjoy by the swimming pool.

Bachata, a unique Dominican sound

Bachata originated in the popular districts of Santo Domingo, based on a great mix of African rhythms and bolero. During the Sixties, José Manuel Calderón was the great precursor of this 100% Dominican sound, followed by Rafael Encarnación, Luis Segura, Luis Vargas, or Anthony Santos. More recently, the band Aventura has completely renewed the movement, merging Bachata with other musical styles from around the world. Today, Bachata has become a fabulous representative of the Dominican Republic across the globe.

Merengue, a Dominican heritage recognized by UNESCO

For Dominicans, Merengue is like a national monument. It is a part of their own identity. Through the güira (metal cylinder pierced with holes), the tambora (African drum) and the Spanish accordion, Dominican artists have succeeded in creating a unique music style that is an integral part of the daily life of their compatriots. Merengue has grown to such an extent that in 2016 it was classified as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by the UNESCO. If you want to discover this unique musical movement, I recommend you start with Joseíto Mateo, Johnny Ventura, Wilfrido Vargas or Los Hermanos Rosario. 100% Dominican atmosphere guaranteed!

Post Author: Harvey Dyer