Music: “Cry” by Sigma Featuring Take That

Sigma and legendary British band Take That have premiered a new joint single titled “Cry”. This new single by the duo has drum and bass production – the reason it’s perfect for party fans.

This new song titled “Cry” was released in UK today. The lead man of Take That sings the chorus where he talks about trying to hold on to the love of his life.

With this single, Sigma have a chance to hit the Top 5 UK. If they do so, the band will  have fourth single in the Top 5 in band’s history. However, if the single fails, it will be worrisome for fans of Take That to not see their favorite band deliver another hit. It’s already strange for the fans of this legendary band that it agreed to do a song with a relatively new band. However, if the single “Cry” turns out to be a hit, it will definitely be a major thing for Sigma. It could be exactly the kind of single they should deliver to their fans at this stage of their career.

Despite the fact that Sigma have Take That as featured artist, it might not be a guarantee that the single will be a hit. The band Take That has been losing some of its fan base and popularity recently. Their 2014 album was platinum once while their 2010 album was platinum eight times. So if the trend continues for the band, this song won’t benefit from presence of a legendary band as such. It will have to be a really good song to get some momentum.

Listen to “Cry” by Sigma and Take That

Post Author: David Watt